Aida’s Sidewalk Cafe – Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Aida greeted us every morning with a smile and “Do you have time for a coffee?” when Tracy and I visited her in the busy town of Addis Ababa in Ethiopia a couple of weeks ago. Our sister-in-law, who resides not far from her had noticed this happy, hard-working lady as she walked by her little café on her morning walks.

After getting to know her and finding out her ambition to expand her café to include a breakfast option and more space for guests she approached Her Next Steps to see if we would want to join with Aida to help her grow. Yes, of course was our answer. She was already going there, we wanted to walk along side as she went there.


Our micro loan comes out to $1400, which she will be receiving in the next couple of weeks to start with the building of the new roof with an awning, some remodeling of the interior, table and chairs and some new kitchen appliance to increase her breakfast options. 

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  • Funds Received 100% 100%

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Total: $1,400