Alestina’s Chicken Coop – South Africa

Alestina lives in a township in South Africa. As a teenager her wish was to become a social worker. She has always wanted to help others around her. Her father passed away before she was able to finish her last year of secondary school, which meant she had to drop her plan of finishing school and from then on help provide money for the family household.  She married young, had 2 daughters, but her husband died, she was left alone to care for them. 

For the past 20 years Alestina has worked as a household help. Because of her consistent hard work, she has sacrificially enabled her 2 daughters to attend university. Keeping nothing for herself, living with no electricity and running water, has given everything for her girls.  Recently it has been difficult finding a full-time job as a household held so has had to be creative in thinking about how to bring in more income.  To become more financially independent she plans to build a chicken coop, to raise chickens and sell the eggs and meat to her community for some income.  She has seen and observed this being done and is overjoyed that Her Next Steps is willing to give her a micro-loan at no interest for her to try this next step. 

For $800 we can help Alestina get to her next step

Ideas on how you can donate: 

  • For $35 would buy her 10 chickens.
  • 10  x $35 donation would get her 100 Chickens 
  • Chicken coop build: $300

Update – June 2022:

Thanks to your generosity Alestina’s chicken coop is underway. She did hit a road block however but is quickly coming up with a solution. Unfortunately, she needs to build a fence due to the high amount of stealing in her area. The good news is, she is able to find that project with her micro loan! Her chickens will be safe and sound.

If you would like to support Alestina, click here!

  • Funds Received 100% 100%

Her Next Steps is currently raising funds for this project.

Total: $800