Guest Speakers

No. Guest Speaker Website Area of Expertise/Topic Speaking Date
1 Laura Blackburn What are we uniquely created to give? How to give in a way that is authentically you. September 9th, 2021
2 Chrissi Baker Turning a Blog into a Business September 16th, 2021
3 Michele Phoenix The Complex Case of Global Nomads September 23th, 2021
4 Camilla Douraghy The Best of Me: You control how you pose for the camera! September 30th, 2021
5 Tracy & Tammy Live! October 7th, 2021
6 Tracy & Tammy Live! October 14th, 2021
7 Susanne Ritter Mindfully Grow Your Leadership Skills: Best Practices for women who want to grow their careers October 21st, 2021
8 Hazel Ortega Mastering Miracles! October 28th, 2021
9 Maude Burger-Smith Burnout- What it means: Holistic impacts and practical self-care solutions November 4th, 2021