Family Hope Foundation Projects – Livingston, Zambia

Family Hope Foundation’s Maggie Nanyangwe will be in charge of handling the loan for 10 women:

1. Kulimbwa Mushila – Roasting peanuts, corn, and kasava

2. Gladys Mayomba – Selling second hand clothes

3. Carol Mwila – Making and selling peanut butter

4. Juliet Mumbuluma – Selling fritters and scones

5. Espina Simakalanga – Selling charcoal and corn

6. Sangistar Muntanga – Selling chickens

7. Jessie Chitenta – Selling chickens and door mat

8. Mubiana Ifunga – Small grocery stand

9. Josephine Mumba – Second hand clothes

10. Elizabeth Matakala – Selling Sassol Chickens



    Carol Carol Carol

Here is Carol preparing her peanut butter! Her business has been going very well since receving the Her Next Steps loan.

Mubiana Ifunga – Small grocery stand

This is Mubiana Ifunga who has been able to start and maintain her grocery stand thanks to her loan. 


Kulimbwa Mushila – Roasting peanuts, corn, and kasava

Kulimbwa Mushila has been doing well with  roasting the peanuts, corn, and kasava. She is seeking to grow her business due to it going well!

For $1000 we can help Family Hope Foundation get to their next steps!


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Her Next Steps is currently raising funds for this project.

Total: $1000