Family Hope Foundation Projects – Livingston, Zambia

Family Hope Foundation’s Maggie Nanyangwe will be in charge of handling the loan for 10 women:

1. Kulimbwa Mushila – Roasting peanuts, corn, and kasava

2. Gladys Mayomba – Selling second hand clothes

3. Carol Mwila – Making and selling peanut butter

4. Juliet Mumbuluma – Selling fritters and scones

5. Espina Simakalanga – Selling charcoal and corn

6. Sangistar Muntanga – Selling chickens

7. Jessie Chitenta – Selling chickens and door mat

8. Mubiana Ifunga – Small grocery stand

9. Josephine Mumba – Second hand clothes

10. Elizabeth Matakala – Selling Sassol Chickens


For $1000 we can help Family Hope Foundation get to their next steps!


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  • Funds Received 25% 25%

Her Next Steps is currently raising funds for this project.

Total: $1000