Feeling Invisible

by | February 23, 2021

piano invisible alone

            Are you feeling invisible like this piano?

Are you tired of being confined? Unmotivated? Staring at your computer or at a wall and having no energy to get going?

Being in control, or at least creating the perception that we are in control of every aspect of our lives, is what is expected.  Not this loss of control in even our daily routine. The restrictions that COVID-19 has imposed on us, has added to that loss of control even more.


The reality is that the process of change (transitioning) can potentially send us into an unbalanced state. You didn’t ask for these changes, but for many of us it has awakened a state where what was working for you is not working anymore.


Whatever the transition may be, you are feeling stuck.  


The first question I want you to think about is:  “Am I stuck?”  If the answer is yes, then write down:

“Why do I feel stuck?”

“What has changed in me?” Are these physical changes? Emotional changes? Family structure changes? Work structure changes?


If you can express and put a finger on where those changes are, then this can be the beginning of a journey to understanding just how to get unstuck again.  A journey to get you back into your best self! 



One woman describes being stuck as, “feeling invisible to those around her.” Her children walk past her without acknowledging her, her boss doesn’t recognize the hard work she puts in… and with her husband, it is as if he is looking right through her and no longer at her.


Realizing that those who mean the most to you do not seem to really “see” you anymore contributes to your lack of motivation to continue doing the things you used to enjoy, and causes you to feel stuck. When did this happen? When did I stop being interesting and attractive to be around?

As a coach, I am constantly reminding my clients that “you cannot change those around you ”… the only one you can change is YOURSELF.

Are you ready to acknowledge that you are stuck?  Are you tired of feeling invisible and unheard?


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