Feeling Stuck?

by | February 13, 2021

Are you struggling internally? Are you tired? Unmotivated? Are you at a loss trying  to recapture the energy and motivation you once had? Do you look in the mirror and cannot recognize this woman you have become?  Do you catch yourself sighing more than laughing…

Do everyday things that used to be easy to do suddenly feel like a chore? Did you used to be the type of woman who was motivated and thrived on getting things accomplished? Lately, you feel depressed, or suddenly start crying for unknown reasons? 

Let me begin by saying:  Feeling stuck, is or can be, only a temporary stage in your life.  All of us get stuck! There is nothing wrong with being stuck.  I personally have felt  stuck a few many  times in my life.  Some of these were natural transitions; deciding what to major in at University, what job to take upon graduation, where to live and even whether a guy I was in love with was actually THE guy.  


But those that have had the most influence on my life have been those that completely changed my external world, schedule and outlook on life and the perception others had of me.. combined with my INNER me screaming to be heard and seen as that same person I used to be “before”.   When I became a mother for the first time, my self-centered, self-absorbed and self-directed world completely changed!  I loved being a mother, I chose to be a mother… yet I lost my self-identity in ways that needed time to rebuild, a new focus and direction, a new choice to embrace this new phase of life but not be completely defined by it. By this I mean, I needed to acknowledge my motherhood but add this on to ME without my being labelled solely as the mother of…

A year back I once again I found myself stuck again.. this time 22 years after giving birth for the first time!  My emotions were all over the place, my once curly hair started going straight, I started getting night sweats, and found myself gaining weight so much faster, and reaching for foods and wine for comfort after long work days.
As a transition coach myself, I started researching and studying my own transition.  What I came to realize was that I was in panic mode!  Not exactly sure I was ready to enter into this “senior” phase of life, when I still felt like I had so much to give and be.  But my physical body, my grown up and more independent children were sending me different messages!



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