Throughout our lives we will experience many transitions; changes in our work lives and financial circumstances, in our bodies (health and appearance), our relationships (with partners, children, friends or co-workers), in our thoughts and how we percieve the world and our place in the world, etc…

HER NEXT STEPS is a platform for women over 40 who are searching for their identity, trying to accept their physical changes—or dealing with newfound emotions. We recognize this time in your life as a transitional stage, and we want to hear YOU, walk alongside YOU, and help YOU become your best self yet!!

The five categories in this Free Guide are a framework that can help you understand what is happening to you at these various stages of your transition and guide you through it. We believe that through continuing to MOVE forward, while coping with your current situation, you will ultimately find real freedom to adapt and flourish.

Our philosophy is that we should take action right away. You should not wait for the ‘perfect plan’ or the ‘perfect solution’, because life is constantly changing and you need to define (or re-define) what works for you!

We invite you to get your copy of our Free Guide and begin taking the next steps in your journey to becoming your best self yet!