Her Next Steps wants to empower women in low resource communities around the world by helping finance projects, which we have vetted personally.

One of the motivations for Tracylee and Tameralyn in starting up Her Next Steps was to help women or projects that women are involved in by giving them some financial support.

These are projects in which Tameralyn and Tracylee have had personal contact and involvement. Her Next Steps hopes that this financial help will give courageous women a “boost” and encourage them to succeed in reaching their next steps.

Her Next Steps will give 25% of their revenue to enable such causes.

You can also give directly by clicking here…

Here is the first project we have chosen to participate in…

GIVE YOU – “Sewing Machine Repair Project” in the DRC, Congo

The Sewing Machine Repair Project is a project Her Next Steps has chosen to support with a percentage of their revenue. You too can help us make a difference in the lives of these underprivileged girls struggling in the Congo to take their next steps, by clicking on the Donate button above.

—Listen to Tameralyn and Beatrice share about how the project functions and how you can help make a difference.