Irene Is Off To Nursing School – South Africa

Meet Irene Banda👋🏽

We have just accepted Irene to receive an educational scholarship!

A little background:
Irene grew up in the slums of Misisi, right outside of Lusaka, Zambia.

She is the daughter of a pastor who has made it his mission and ministry to serve people in need.

Tameralyn met Irene the last time she visited Zambia.

Irene’s joyful disposition and helpful personality greatly stood out to her.

During Tameralyn’s visit, Irene’s parents spoke about her dream to go to nursing school, but unfortunately they couldn’t afford the cost.

After hearing this, Her Next Steps made the decision and commitment to help her achieve this goal and dream of hers.

Would you join us in raising funds for this to happen?

We cannot do it with out you!

Here is a cost breakdown:
-Tuition costs $700/ semester
-Room and board $300/ semester

She hopes to start in January 2023🎓🙏🏼

For $2,000/ year we can help Irene to get to her next step.

Ideas on how you can donate: 

  • Donate on Her Next Steps
  • Organize a fundraiser
  • Buy some Ethiopian leather goods

If you would like to support Irene, click here!

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Her Next Steps is currently raising funds for this project.

Total: $2,000 per year of schooling ($8,000 total)