by | March 7, 2019

So once again you motivate yourself and decide it is time to try that diet again, or this time you will stick to your fitness program …  You have even done your Sunday Nutrition plan and menu, you have a meal prepped and have done everything by the book. But then 4 pm comes along and you just really want those Reese’s Peanut Butter cups! Or it’s 6 pm and it has been a long day at work, and that glass of wine or that Gin and Tonic is calling your name.  What is your wall (and this is personal for everyone)? My wall is wine, chocolate, and candy!

Ladies!  I have been there, and I have to admit, more than just occasionally. I am the queen of having a plan, making up rules of conduct, nutrition, fitness goals, and projects. I am really good at creating plans — I mean, after all, this is what I got my degree in! But I am also someone who can pretty much stick to a strict “no fun foods/drinks” nutrition plan for about 2 days out of the week. All the other days I have to have my “fun foods and drinks”.

So for my “wall”, through trial and error, through reflection, through studying how I function and most importantly, through realizing that my walls are my “fun” moments (without them, life just gets too dull and restrictive) I believe and have created plans that take into consideration two areas that for me make it do-able to stick to a plan… actually three areas.

      Calorie deficiency focused

      The 80/20 Rule

      Accepting that I will have an extra 2-3 lbs of “Fun” weight around my belly.

Oh, I pretty much try every week to lose those extra 3-4 lbs, but with my very busy schedule and chocolate and wine being something I thoroughly enjoy, I have to keep setting goals. I also accept that it may not happen as fast as I would like it to in theory.

What are the walls in your life?  Can we help you work on them — work toward embracing and introducing those “walls” back into your life with mindfulness?

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