by | March 6, 2019


I used to run track. One of the events I entered (when I competed in meets) was the 4x400m relay. I always loved to run, it was something I didn’t have to put much thought into. I just put on my sneakers and would go. I enjoyed what it did for me. It freed my brain of clutter, I could enjoy nature, time with friends and many other positives aspects of running.

Preparing for the 4x400m relay was different. It was hard work. You had to get your head in the game, come up with a strategy, take time for practice and put thought into it if you wanted to succeed in the race. It didn’t matter how well each runner did in her personal lap; if the transition of passing the baton flopped, the result of the race could be ruined. The whole team could even be disqualified.  Practicing the transition of passing the baton and preparing for it was just as important, if not MORE important than how fast we ran our lap. Isn’t that an interesting thought if you compare this to life in general?  As we go through different stages and phases of life we think of actually being ‘in the stage’ as the most important part. Going from little girl to young women, a career woman, a wife and/ or a mother, then a  grandmother. We often are in a hurry to move to the next stage of our life, but do we ever think that how we transition can be what sets us up for a successful next stage? Being prepared and putting time into the way we transition is key to our next steps and in the end to running a successful “race”.

Her Next Steps believes this and is prepared to help you transition well in order to help get you to your best self yet!  It starts with valuing yourself and making yourself a priority.

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