Laure’s pharmacy – Kinshasa, DRC

Laure is a medical doctor and a widow. Life as a woman in the Congo is difficult. It is recorded to be in the top 8 harshest countries for women to live in. Laure has always been passionate about helping people, especially helping women. Even as a child she dreamed of being a doctor. As a young woman, living in the Democratic Republic of Congo, becoming a medical doctor is quite an accomplishment. She met the love of her life,  a pastor, married him, and  had 6 children. When her husband died of empoisonnement 9 years ago  she was left alone to raise 9 children, 6 of her own and 3 orphans that she and her husband took in.

Laure is a natural leader and influencer, and helps empower women wherever she is.She has had to give up practicing medicine because of the way corruption is tied to practicing medicine in her country.  She is doing her best to raise these children in a safe home and to give them an education, which is very costly in the Democratic Republic of Congo. She has applied for a microloan to rent and set up a pharmacy in Kinshasa. The cost of rental in RDC is very high, due to the mistrust there. Landlords ask for 1 year of rental payment ahead of time.  

Should we provide a loan for Laure it  would help provide for her 6 children and 3 foster children. It would also allow for 1 full-time salaried pharmacist.

  • Funds Received 0% 0%

The breakdown of the loan would be for:

  • Rental down payment $600
  • Shelves, fridge, material: $600
  • Medicines: $1500
  • Authorization for pharmacy with government authorities: $500
  • Rental for 6 months: $300

Total: $3,500