Lola’s “Formidable” Terrace & Restaurant – Kinshasa, DRC

Lola’s passion for helping people started as a young child growing up in the DRC. One of her earlies memories is watching an old women with a cane, walking to fetch water by the well near her house every day. When young Lola saw her she would offer to help carry the heavy basin back to her house. She has always been a leader, whether in her family, her community or her church her care for others has been evident.  She went to University to become a doctor, and even though she is unable to work as a doctor is called in by her friends and family all the time for advice in a county which has very poor medical care and facilities. Times have been very hard for people living in the Congo.

Despite her husband passing away, which was one of the hardest losses of her life, leaving her with 6 children and pregnant at the time with her youngest, she has also run a small orphanage for children waiting to be adopted.  She now has 3 of these children still living with her.  Her greatest desire is to be financially independent. Her life has consisted of miracle after miracle which has enabled her to keep her children in school and to feed her large family. 

We at Her Next Step have decided that we want to help enable this already very motivated lady take her next step toward this independence.  Lola has started renting a space to open a little restaurant called “ Lola’s Formidable Restaurant Terrace”. It will be a light in that community by helping give employment others she has identified as well as offer a safe and positive environment to others who need restauration.  We are thankful that we have been able to provide a micro-loan , which Lola will be repaying over the next 2 years, to join her in this next step. Stay tuned as we update the pictures of her restaurant (see below the space she is renting!)



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  • Funds Received 100% 100%

The loan has been distributed to Lola and is now in the process of repayment.

Total: $1,800