by | March 6, 2019

I just finished a fundraiser-run my husband had organized as part of his non-profit work, for three projects having to do with helping people become “free”. Free to be educated, free from being used in the sex trade and free from being forced to work in horrible conditions with hardly any pay.

At my age I find doing something that gives back to society very rewarding. Doesn’t mean it’s easy… and to be honest “giving” always come with a cost. It costs something even if it is just effort. The cost of time, or it might cost actual money. In this case, for me, it cost training time and the effort of going outside my “not wanting to impose” comfort zone to ask people to sponsor me. So, sure it “cost”, but the reward of knowing that today I enabled four kids to receive an education, helped to open a new business somewhere in India for women who have gotten out of the sex trade is such a great feeling. I am still smiling!!

Life shouldn’t be  all about me, even though my daily life seems to be so taken up with that.

I know today was a “big deal give”, but I also think that the “little gives” can make a real difference in other people’s lives. It might be  offering a smile to someone who needs to be seen (in Germany people don’t always do a lot of smiling), or taking the time to acknowledge someone who has really done something well. Perhaps it is taking time to stop and see the person who feels unseen — like this little old lady down my street…

Make a plan, take time to think about it  and then do it!

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