by | March 7, 2019

Resolutions and routine make it easier to put those running shoes on!

I went running this morning. Not because I felt like it, but because in my weekly routine I have a  resolution that I want to run at least 3-4 times a week or do the equivalent time in a higher intensity exercise. This morning though, if I hadn’t had that resolution I would not have gone. I really really didn’t feel like it. I had lots to do. I was hopping on a plane to Congo later that evening and felt kind of stressed and overwhelmed by it all.

Having a plan set in place really helps me, especially when my feelings and daytime urgencies don’t play along.

Today, the hardest thing, was for me to make myself go out that door.  But, after my head made that decision the rest of my emotions seemed to go along.

So, first — to help me on my run and to ease my mind and spirit — I needed some thinking time.

I thought through the big picture of my upcoming trip to the Congo… What was the purpose of my trip? What was I hoping to achieve with my time there? How was I contributing to societal changes in that struggling country?

Do you ever need to do that too? Can you relate?

I think best when I move. I must be a kind of kinesthetic “thinker”. So, as a ran I wasn’t just keeping my running resolution, but meeting an inner need as well.

I came home 40 minutes later refreshed. I had quieted my mind, had more ideas and was ready to go!

Why don’t you try it — especially if you are feeling uptight and stuck in your emotions. Make a plan, put on those shoes, get some fresh air and move.

Run, walk or just move your body. Get outside, breath the fresh air… ponder an idea or a  thought that you want to develop or find some peace about while you’re at it… You will be amazed at what happens!

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