Tandi’s Nail Salon – South Africa

Tandi grew up in a big industrial town in South Africa. As the oldest of the family she was expected to carry the financial load to help in her family.  Her father left them when she was a teenager and between the age of 18-21 her father, mother and one of her sisters passed away of causes that still are unclear to her. Because of these big losses in her life she was unable to finish her final exams and urgently needed a job to now help support her 2 younger sisters. 

At this time one of her aunts, who saw potential in her, asked her to come live with her so that she could teach her the art of “nail care”. She is to this day thankful for his aunt who passed this skill on to her which she still is using to help provide for now her family of 2 boys.  Tandi now rents a room in a house of a friend and has her own little nail salon. The first time we told her about Her Next Steps and our desire to join in with women like her to help them get to their next steps, she was overwhelmed and said with tears in her eyes: “I have never had other people see me and want to help like this before”. 


Through spending time with her we have seen Tandi’s wish to grow and expand and improve her nails business to bring in more incomes and someday hopefully offer trainings in nail care.  Her Next Steps would like to join with her to help her grow. 


Her Next Steps needs  $900 to expand Tandi expand her nail business. Her goal is to also help train other women, who need a chance, the way her aunt did many years ago.


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Her Next Steps is currently raising funds for this project. 

Total: $900