by | March 6, 2019

Today I read a quote that really spoke to me:  It is critical that we do not mistake unseen for unimportant” says Alicia Britt Chole—often unseen seasons are places of growth and great learning. Sometimes the Stuck seasons of our lives are times of waiting, enduring pain, deep reflection and wrestling with issues that will enable us and prepare us for the next steps.

In my life, I call it being in “the land in between” and to be honest I have almost always hated being “there”…. because there felt like “nowhere”. In those times of my life, I usually lived in a state of impatience, frustration, and discontentment. Often wishing time to pass quickly just to get to a “somewhere” in which I could again find significance. It’s an interesting thought that in that state I often failed to see those things around me that really matter … perhaps small unseen things:  relationships, more time to reflect and perhaps re-evaluate where I stand in life, to notice the nature and beauty around me — even take in the “pain” and struggle that I was going through and to learn from it because I have the perseverance and will to push on … The seasons of our life which we feel aren’t important and that are unseen are also meant to be. Maybe is it time to embrace that season too if only to hope and trust that there is “importance” in it too.

• Do you feel you are in an “unseen” season of your life?
• Focus today on the little “unseen” things around you that could bring you joy.
• Reflect on what you might be learning and how you are growing in this season.