TRACYLEE believes that in recognizing areas in our lives that are not working well and working through them will help individuals thrive again.

Having lived in 7 countries and relocated a total of 17 times, Tracylee considers herself a global nomad. For the past 20 years she has served as a trainer, leadership and change consultant and a transition coach. Tracylee helps individuals and corporate leaders become aware of their personal and professional goals by creating a vision of their aspirations before initiating the change cycle.  Ever since she can remember, Tracylee wanted to help those who had less than she had.  From wanting to start an orphanage, to working in Mauritania with World Vision and Croatia fundraising during the war, she has always had a heart to unlock potential in all women around the world.

Helping clients unlock their potential during major life changes, her strengths include: self-assessment/self-leadership, management engagement, stress/change management, and career coaching.

Tracylee is married to Jean-Christophe and they have 4 children, their youngest adopted from Nigeria.  They are doing life together and presently living in France.

Tracylee has a master’s degree in Social Science, with a specific emphasis on self-leadership for women and mothers, helping them be mindful of their career/life aspirations and to be aware of setting long-term goals.

enjoys projects that make a difference in the world.

She grew up living in 5 different countries, and speaks 3 languages fluently. She is married to Phil, has 3 children, one grandchild, and a beautiful Golden Retriever. For the past 25 years she has been involved in educational ventures such as teaching, starting schools in Europe and Africa, training teachers, connecting with potential agents in developing countries, mentoring and coaching individuals with interpersonal issues, fundraising to enable new projects that empower and enable local women enterprises in the developing world.

Using her interpersonal skills and international experience to encourage and mobilize people to hone their skills and use their full potential, her strengths include: motivating, teaching, training, project management, leading teams, fundraising and interpersonal coaching.

Tameralyn has a bachelor’s degree in Communication and Education and a master’s degree in Intercultural Studies. She teaches part time as a university professor on the topic of intercultural communications and management. She speaks and teaches internationally to women on topics such as courage, objective setting and family roles.